The roof generally represents a very large portion of the home's streetscape and replacing an old and tired looking roof maybe the facelift that makes you proud of your home and potentially adds thousands to it resale value.

Advances in manufacturing processes allow long length roof sheets, capping and gutters to be produced. Continuous length roof sheets from ridge to gutter can be installed on most domestic roofs, eliminating the overlapping joins that are the primary cause of rust in the old short sheets.

New roofing is available in a wide range of profiles and material finishes including pre-painted coloured finishes.

Corrugated roofing is still the most popular profile for domestic roofing and whilst 16 mm deep corrugated roof in 0.42 mm BMT (Base Material Thickness) is the industry standard other thicknesses and corrugated depths are available.

In addition to the popular Corrugated profile there are roof sheet profiles to suit low pitch applications including "concealed fixing" roof sheet profiles that may be used on slopes as low as one degree.

Bluescope Steel's standard "Colorbond" range currently includes twenty two colours and un-painted "Zincalume" and Galvanised finishes are also available.

We provide a complete re-roofing service.

We'll provide new chimney and wall flashings as required; and offer a choice of "Scribed" or plain ridge/hip cappings. For clients seeking that "traditional" appearance we can provide timber "Cricket bat" style barge caps or "roll type" steel barge caps in lieu of the commonly used standard square profile.

Having worked primarily in the domestic market we have the experience and skill required to carry out the tasks commonly associated with re-roofing older homes. We'll replace rotted timber fascia and barge boards, and decorative gable end treatments.

Whilst the majority of our work has been replacing the original corrugated steel roofing we have also replaced cement and terracotta tile roofs with new corrugated steel roofing.

For new constructions requiring Council “Development Approval”, we prepare the plans and lodge the "Development Application" on your behalf. In most cases all our client has to do is initially is pay the Plan preparation and Council Development Application fee and relax.

We take pride in providing sound advice and a professional service.

If you are looking for a professional roofing, guttering or verandah/carport contractor, without the pressure to "Close the sale" call us today.

We look forward to serving you!

Case Study


The owners approached us to quote on re-roofing the home as well as constructing a new verandah and carport. They wanted to replace the existing verandah, (a flat roof style with large concrete columns) with a bullnose style that the home originally featured. The owners arranged for a new verandah floor, including traditional slate edging and tessilated tiles. They also wanted a carport that matched the verandah style and complimented the overall appearance.



The main roof was replaced with full length "Colorbond" corrugated steel roofing, the gutters with new "Colorbond" steel "OG" profile and finished off with "Colorbond" steel round downpipes.

A bullnose style verandah and carport were constructed using "Hammersmith" brand 112 mm x 112 mm "turned" posts on galvanised steel "Colonial" post bases.

We fitted authentic reproduction lace frieze and corners to the front verandah.

The carport has "Hammersmith" brand "turned posts; including the posts either side of the panel-lift door opening. The door tracks are mounted on a timber plate fixed to the inside of the "turned" posts.

The "hip" at the front end is set back the same width as the front verandah so that the slope on the bullnose roofing at the front matches the slope on the bullnose verandah.


An amazing transformation and a very satisfied customer.