Your home may have been built pre-war when very few owned a car, but times have changed and carports are a desired if not required feature.

With the knowledge and experience gained from over thirty years working on Adelaide's older homes we understand what is required to create a carport that blends with and compliments a character home, whether it is a Federation style villa, a symmetrical cottage or a bungalow.

Getting the detail right is important.

That might be something as simple as matching the fascia level with an existing verandah, matching the roof pitch on a gable carport with the pitch of the main roof, or matching the bullnose curve with an existing bullnose verandah.

Or it might be providing the right size post or post detailing, matching the eave overhang and/or the fascia to rafter connection detail.

Many homes in Adelaide's older suburbs do not have the space at the side for a double width carport but that doesn't mean you can't have a carport for two or more cars. We can build carports in variety of different widths and lengths and the solution may incorporate a couple of roof styles. Combining pitched and lean-to sections for example.

We build carports with bullnose or concave curved roofing, and gable styles with detailing to match existing. We build attached and freestanding carports. We will even build a flat roof structure if we think it's the best solution for your home.

We are specialists in:

  • Bull nosed and concave verandahs.
  • Colorbond corrugated steel roofing.
  • Hand-turned posts to match originals.
  • Custom made curved rafters.

Customers are impressed with the quality of our workmanship and whilst we may not be the cheapest we believe we are the best.

Case Study


The owners wanted a carport but also wanted to retain the characteristic features of their return verandah villa, i.e. they wanted to retain the bullnose verandah that returned down the side of their home and they didn't want the carport to dominate the streetscape. In addition, their preferance was for it to be connected with the existing bullnose verandah and allow them covered access from the carport to the front door. Unable to find any carport additions that met their requirements



I prepared several proposals; each retained the return verandah and the corner gable.

The owners selected a design with the carport set well back but integrated with the existing bullnose verandah slightly forward of the the front door.

We had posts specially "turned" to match the existing verandah posts.

The fascia boards were machined with an old style "beaded" bottom edge, to match the verandah fascia.

The bullnose roofing was curved to match the bullnose curve on the existing verandah.

The hip setback at the front end of the carport matches the verandah width, ensuring the roof slope on the front elevation matches the roof slope on the existing verandah.

The design incorporates a valley in the bullnose roofing near the front door. The valley construction uses a pair of bullnose shaped valley rafters and a valley gutter formed from "Acrylead". The valley rafter arrangement produces a valley that is exceptionally strong, discharges water efficiently and can support a person who needs to access the roof.


The result is a bullnose carport addition that blends with the existing verandah and retains the home's characteristic features.

Another very satified client.